diy blanket stitch detail for cushions

I have been admiring cushions with blanket stitch detail in the stores recently.  So when I came across my old velvet cushions in the cupboard I knew I had to give them a quick update.  Blanket stitch is really easy to do, even if you have never sewn before, follow my quick lessons below and you will be adding stitch detail to everything in no time.

You will need: 
  • an embroidery needle
  • wool in a contrasting colour
  • old or new cushion cover with closure in middle of back
  • each cushion took me an hour or so in front of the tv
You cannot do this edge detail in a cushion that has the closure in the edge seam or you will be sewing it closed permanently.

Blanket stitch in 4 easy steps:
  • Start stitching by putting needle through the side seam from the inside of the cushion (I forgot to photograph this step)
  • photo 1 - do first stitch a centimetre down from the edge, and a centimetre from the point where the wool is coming through the seam.  I used the edge of the seam as a guide, stitching just below it so that the fabric wasn't to thick to push the needle through.
  • photo 2 - pull the needle through making sure that it goes through the loop of the remaining wool so that you will 'catch' the wool to create the blanket stitch detail.  See how the needle is on top of the remaining wool in both 1 and 2
  • photo 3 - pull the wool through making sure you have caught the remaining wool.  With your left hand pull the wool across to the left, it makes the stitch cleaner.
  • photo 4 - once the stitch is complete keep the tension in the wool with your left hand as you begin the next stitch.

Its a lovely way to add colour subtly to a room and works especially well where the colour of the wool and cushion fabric have a big contrast.  I love the idea of grey cushions with a very bright blanket stitch detail.

These cushions are going to go on the girls beds in the cottage, nice and cuddly and so much prettier than they were.

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