brie with almond & date caramelised sugar

An impressive looking cheese plate that takes minutes to make.  If melty brie with the crunch of caramelised sugar, salty almonds and sweet dates sounds good to you, you are going to love this dish.  I was planning to take some half eaten shots but the cheese was polished off so quickly I never had the chance.  Skip down to see the easy instructions for making your own.

Make it yourself:
  • Place the cheese on the serving dish.
  • Chop toasted almonds and dates and arrange on the cheese (see below).
  • Place a few whole almonds and nuts around the cheese.

  • Place half a cup of caster sugar in a clean dry pan and turn heat on.
  • Watch carefully as sugar melts, do not stir or sugar sticks. 
  • The sugar caramelises from pale to deep brown quite quickly.  Don't walk away while this is happening or the sugar will burn.
  • Once the sugar has achieved a deep brown colour remove from heat and pour over the cheese (below).

Sugar will cool to a hard crust.  If you live in a humid environment the sugar will sweat so only pour on shortly before serving.

Sure to please cheese lovers of all ages.  
I like to serve with a few grapes or juicy blue berries.  Enjoy!

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  1. Oh my... that has to be one of the most delicious-looking things I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing!


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