new mirror...made from scratch

How clever is my hubby!!  He made me this gorgeous mirror frame, my absolute favourite piece in our bedroom.  I had bought the mirror thinking I could paint the frame it had, but it was pretty irredeemable despite several coats of paint in varying effects and colours.

Mr B came to the rescue making his own frame, and creating the wooden tiles which he laid into a specially designed recessed gap.  The frame was painted in white enamel and the tiles finished with liming wax so they are all slightly different.  Mirror bought at auction, pine for frame around $30, wood tiles made from off cuts of a previous project.  

So impressed with the finish, especially the way the joins are cut in the corners, wish my photo's were better!!  Its been hung that height because we are planning a credenza to go underneath, that's the next woodwork project on the list.  Watch this space...

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