Scandinavian style for a new home

I was asked to put together some inspiration boards for a new home.  The owners already have a gray sofa and some black and white furniture pieces, and are drawn to a monochromatic look.  Scandinavian style seemed a good place to start looking for inspiration and some reasonably priced additions to create the home of their dreams.
From top left: the home of Christian Duivenvoorden, my Scandinavian home, Clinton Freedman cushions, library lamp with clamp, Moroccan floor rug from Freedom Furniture

From top left: Elisabeth Heier, Hay tray table, 3 arm mid century lamp, trays from Zohi interiors, vases from Country Road   

Wall dot art from Pony Rider, removable and reusable wall art.

Moroccan floor rug $549 for 2x3m, Hay tray table from $299, vases with simple greenery $20 each

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