valentine's lantern chandelier

I threw a little valentine's party for my family this week, really an excuse to dress up the table and make some fun food.  Also a good excuse to visit my favourite $2 shop and decorate with lots of pink.  The lantern centrepiece was quick and easy to make, none of the lanterns cost more than $2 and I used nine.  
The trick with the lanterns is to vary the length they hang as well as the sizes, see below for a more detailed diy.  All in all it took me about half an hour once I had the rope tied over the table.

Setting the table

I wanted to diffuse the pinkness a little so I used a piece of pink and blue fabric as a simple tablecloth.  I bought this piece a few years ago to make cushions but never got around to it, looks better on the table anyway.  Its only 1.5 wide by 1.5 long and was around $35 per meter, not a huge investment for a very pretty result.

Fun food details

I also bought pink and white striped gelato cups, and matching straws, at my favourite $2 shop.  
Filled little bottles with pink cranberry cordial and finished with the straws.
Made strawberry jelly in the gelato cups and topped them with a red celophane heart chocolate.
Not a lot of time for a whole lot of smiles.

Suggested combination of lanterns:
  • 2 large plain pink
  • 3 small plain pink
  • 3 small pom poms
  • 2 small polka dot lanterns
  • pink organza ribbon for tassles

Hanging instructions:
  • I started at the centre with the two larger lanterns and then filled in around them.
  • Use the hanging lengths as a guide and push them closer together to create a full effect.
  • Remember to walk around the table to see that it looks good from all sides.
  • Hanging lengths shown in cm

Tieing tassles to hang straight down:

If you do a simple knot to tie the ribbons they don't fall prettily.  To make them hang straight down tie them similar to a business tie, see below.

Step 1 - Fold ribbon in half and thread top loop over the lantern wire
Step 2 - Open the loop and thread the ribbon tails through
Step 3 - Pull tails firmly downwards
Step 4 - Center ribbons on lantern

I heart the chocolate details, this little bit of red looks fab with the pink and blue scheme.

Its not to late, stop at the $2 shop, buy some jelly, and you will have a valentines party of your own in no time.   


  1. That lantern chandelier is so gorgeous! Just pinned.

  2. Thanks Haeley! I was so inspired by your hearts party the other day that I had to do something too. So really I should be thanking you for the inspiration!

  3. And thanks for pinning! What a compliment!

  4. Head to the $2 shop,have a BBQ & do your own on your verandah. Go on, I know you are itching to have go!


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