My designs on scarves on sale at fashionABLE

Today I had the gift of seeing my designs come to life, imagination made real and for sale, I also had the even greater gift of being part of an amazing story.  These scarves are useful and beautiful, and the people behind them are real and moving, we should all own one.

fashionABLE is an amazing company in Ethiopia, employing and empowering women in a sustainable business, creating designer scarves with integrity and style, and changing the lives of their employees, hopefully for ever.   Buying a scarf is not an act of charity, you are supporting a business that helps vulnerable women create a new future for themselves and their families.  Read their stories here, you will be inspired by their courage and hope as I am.

I am more than proud to be a tiny little part of this story, and to add my designs to the skills and moving stories of the weavers behind the product.  As part of last years Alt Summit SLC I submitted many scarf designs in a fashionABLE competition and was extremely proud to have two of my designs in the final four.  Today Barrett let me know that two of my designs have been adapted for this fall season.  
I drew on the Africa I know and love, the patterns and the textures, the repetitive rhythms of life, the women who are the nurturing heart and hope of the continent.
I hope you love them as I do, I hope you buy them and wear them proudly, knowing that your purchase may change a future, save a family.

This is a product that is greater than its purchase price, it is hope, it is beauty, it is courage, it is compassion.  Buy one for somebody you love today.

Scarves top - the Rita,  and bottom - the Seble available now at 


  1. Oh my gosh, they are beautiful Eva!! Congratulations - I am so happy they are producing your designs. I think I need to buy one for myself - they are gorgeous!

  2. Ok, I couldn't resist - I just bought the Seble in Gunmetal Gray and Scarlet!!


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