Spring refresh for your home

The change of seasons always makes me want to change things up a bit around the home.  Spring has arrived early this year and this gorgeous weather is getting me thinking of ways to freshen up our home for the summer season ahead.  Sometimes just making a few little changes gives your home a whole new energy.

Photo courtesy of TheHome
I would like to refresh some old faithfuls, and I would love to add a touch of this seasons zesty yellow, tangerine or pinks.  I am going to be keeping my eye on the daily sales at The Home, designer finds without the big price tags, and this is what I will be shopping for.
  • New bath towels - white and thirsty please
  • Murchison Hume hand soaps and household cleaners - doing a big spring clean is much more fun with beautifully scented and packaged products.  White grapefruit is my personal fave.
  • 1200 thread count pure cotton pillow cases 
  • A few colourful pillows for Miss E's bedroom and a new quilt cover to take her from little girl to tween.  I love the Prue Trollope ones in The Home's spring look above but will need Miss E's approval first.
  • Recover the badly worn wing back rocking chair in Miss J's room.  I am loving the Pluto chair by Andrew Martin (above).  I will be keeping an eye out for that sale on The Home because I priced up recovering my chair and it is expensive.
  • A few new vases - no matter how many I have I never seem to have just the right shape.  I will be looking out for something slightly geometric in shape this year.
  • New beach towels - stripey and French inspired 

Its worth popping into The Home to see what is on sale this week, or better yet subscribe and let them send you an email.  Its always great to snag a bargain!

This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are as usual entirely my own.

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  1. Love that photo - it's not your house, is it? Beautiful. Spring is such a great time of year.


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