kitchen clean up and recipe collection.

I am having one of those clear out days that usually means I am about to get a cold.  I don't know why, my body seems to go into clean over drive just before I get sick.  Well at least the house gets a tidy.  I have been sorting through the pantry and getting rid of everything that is stale and past its sell date.  There is a satisfying row of clean glass storage jars as proof that something has been achieved.

I have also been inspired by the Monday Morning Cooking Club demo to get my recipes in order.  Earlier this year I made a family kitchen note book with Blurb, its been a huge success and we have added quite a few new family favourites for the year.  Now I am going to copy all the recipes scribbles that I had been storing in a rather sticky plastic folder, sticky because it had stock spilled on it one evening as I looked for a recipe.  I have been rediscovering some old favourites like: Norma Flannagan's baked lemon pudding, Laura's famous baklava, Heather's fabulous creme brulee, and my granny's pecan nut ball biscuits.  Watch this space you may see some of them featured right here.

We picked our first olive harvest and are finally getting to use our lovely ceramic olive jar from Bendigo Pottery that we were given several years ago.  I have never pickled olives before, we will see how it goes.   
So as usual its busy busy busy at our house, hope you are happy and busy too, have a lovely weekend.

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