a little bit of tailoring...

I have finally finished one of the day bed loose covers for our outdoor seating area.  I am very pleased with the sharp tailored black, and very happy with the piping and fit.  Much easier to do than I thought it would be.  We use this corner daily because it catches lovely winter sunlight, and we are having a gloriously sunny winter.
The black makes the cushions pop, especially the kelim ones, and it looks lovely with the black exterior walls.  More photo's of that when the second cushion is done too.

Not so happy with the way the cushion closes thought, I will write a full tutorial once I have found a better solution for the second cushion.  But I thought I should take a picture on day one, before the sticky hands of Miss E & Miss J get to it.

Coffee anybody?


  1. Hi Eva. It's amazing how changing small items like pillow covers can give a totally different look to a space. I love the navy couch and the fresh pillows. I’m really interested in renovation/home decor because I work for a social media site that’s all about houses/homes http://www.housenet.com.au/. We are about to release an online renovation tool. Would you use something like this?

    1. I would use an online renovation tool if it is truly useful. There are lots out there which are just so much spam. Look forward to seeing how your one works ou.


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