vignette the front door

I stopped at a house on the school run and asked if I could cut some of the aloes tumbling onto the pavement for my garden.  The owner was happy to say yes.  I feel I should take him something back from my garden to say thank you - a gift of basil, rainbow chard and chillies perhaps.
Love the succulents shapes and forms with the cheap glass vases from the $2 shop.
Our local $2 shop is really fabulous for simple vases, candles and lanterns.  You can buy similar things at Country Road for four times the price - got to love bargain shopping!!
Cast bronze bracelets from Benin - bought many years ago at Greenmarket Square in Cape Town.

The best thing is since I created this vignette nobody dumps anything on the table anymore.  I plan to keep it full from now on!!

All images by Eva of Build House Home

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