living room corner refresh

I mentioned before wanting to give my home a refresher restyle, make sure everthing is shown off to the best possible advantage.
So I had a big game of shift the furniture in the living room.  Ended up pushing the sofa closer into the corner and collecting all my pillows in one place.  I like the way it all looks with the painting.

I totally adore my antique bronze West Elm lamp, favourite purchase for 2012!  It sets off the gold framed animal lithographs perfectly, and is masculine enough to satisfy the Voice of Reason. Love all things West Elm as you know, was blown away by their store in Salt Lake City, great designs, great quality, and great price point.

Kelim rug is still lovely but a bit to small, what I really want is an oversized white cow skin rug but its definitely not in the budget.
Still love the Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon fabric cushions I made too.  A great contrast against the kuba cloth from Cape Town, craft vs fine weaving.  Now that all the cushions are on the couch the chairs need some love.   Luckily I still have some lovely fabric so its time to get the sewing machine out again.

Hmmm not liking how the rest of it looks just yet, this is clearly a work in progress.  Please let me know if you have any great open plan living room lay outs, I need inspiration!!

I wonder if interior stylists move the furniture around all the time or if they just get it perfect first time.  Perhaps they are more ruthless at editing,something that doesn't come naturally to me.  Yet again I am wishing for a stylist to come and play in my house, and then teach me how to photograph it well.  
Lots to learn in 2013.
(All images by Eva of Build House Home)


  1. That lamp is gorgeous, you have some great pieces, like it that you are still working on your home. Unlike me, I've just given up and will probably have the same stuff for the next 20 years!

    1. Don't give up. Next I want to try my hand at making furniture, since I definately can't afford what I would like!! Lets set our handy husbands to making furniture.


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