Don't you love...peacock bed heads

I have spotted these gorgeous peacock bedheads before, they have got quite a bit of editorial coverage, but I didn't realise there were so many options!  I discovered The Family Love Tree on a late night web crawl and was delighted by all the colours and patterns.  Also delighted that they are an Australian business so the pretty bed heads are available right here!
I love the tangerine and the berry, but then turqoise is always so pretty and white so classic.

Good prices too, $430-$499 for a double, queen or king depending on the style, and you can order online.  They do other things too, cushions and chairs, tables, pop over and have a look.

How lovely does that turquoise look against the dark wall.  
Which colour is your fave?


  1. These are amazing! I absolutely love all the colours!

  2. hi eva, i'm visiting you from the alt summit class we took on wednesday... cute blog! and i really like this feature you have going on here!

    1. Thanks Kristin
      I have been meaning to go through the blogroll too. Thanks for stopping by. Got to love the Alt network


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