Don't you love...vintage kids rooms

The past few weeks I have been building beautiful inspiration Pinterest Boards with UrbanBaby.  There is so much inspiration out there!  I love these vintage style finds, kids rooms that suit girls and boys and style they won't grow out of to quickly.  Its the mix of old and new, found and designed, hand made and high tech that makes these spaces magical.
Love the oversize camel and mint cupboard, do you think the colour match was just lucky chance?  Miss E just said she would love a room like this with a little bed on the floor...and a camel of course.

One day I will stumble on some vintage botanical prints via Hide Sleep.  They are just so pretty.
They all have white walls in common, grey tones and earthy greens, pinks and blues.    
Just shows you that art in children's room doesn't have to be too saccharine, but then I have always been a sucker for maps.  Leopard photo via Sisters Agency 

Left via Pinjacolada , right via Petit Sweet.
OK one question, where are all the toys hiding and how do I hide ours?

Which is your favourite?  I think the camel wins my heart.

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