nice to meet you.....6 tools i can't do without

The week ran away with me so I am a bit late joining the Nice To Meet You link up.  This month our topic was the 6 tools or resources we can't do without.  Off the top of the head, and time is the one resource I never have enough of these are my current faves.
My iPhone:  Yes I know its been said before but what on earth did I do before this came along.  Calender, camera, notepad, jogging companion, music, reading, relaxation, you know the drill.  I really do feel naked without it these days.
Computer:  None of this would be happening without one.
Instagram:  I love Instagram and a lot of my images pass through its filters on the way to this blog and my family photo albums.
Photoshop:  I would still prefer to use Illustrator but its still to expensive and Photoshop certainly lets me do what I need to.  I am quite pleased with my layouts for tomorrow's Christmas gifting guide, stop by and let me know what you think.
Nature:  A constant source of inspiration and joy.  Nobody does colour better than nature.  The light, the scents, the textures.  Nothing lifts your spirits like a beautiful walk, or a snooze on warm grass, or ski-ing in perfect snow.  No matter the season I love the outdoors.

Now its your turn to join in if your want to by:
1.  Visiting the other blogs participating to see what their top tools are.
2.  Writing your own blog post and linking up with the code and instructions your will find here.
3.  Creating a pinterest board to link up or just leaving a comment.

But however you play make sure you include our Nice to Meet You button and visiting the other host blogs below.
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  1. Your right, what did we do before we had the iPhone, and I don;t know how people exist without one now.... I mean it is just SO revolutionary!
    I love instagram too!

  2. Great list! Love my iPhone and Instagram is so fun! Would love to follow you there!


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