don't you love.....bunk rooms and sleep overs

I wish I had a bunk room like this.  Although this would not be enough for the 10 ten year olds coming for a sleep over party this weekend.  Perhaps I should be planning rather pinning.   We are not expecting to get much sleep, in fact why are they called sleep overs when really they are stay ups?
Image via ivillage
I adore these fresh colours with the white on white decor, easy to change the quilts up for a different look as the kids get older.  Also having recently made up bunk beds with top sheets and blankets, these are a good height.  Not easy to do the tucking in when you are scrunched up against the ceiling! 
Images via My Design Chic, prepfection (can't find the permalink sorry) the berry
Fresh and light again and I am loving the extra wide ladders (again from recent experience wide is better!) and the interesting side rails.
Images via Elle Decor, lorileangille, Nest Egg
My all time favourite bunk room is the one with the individually curtained beds.  So cozy, I am a late night reader so this would have suited me as a kid.  This house is one of my all time favourites, they didn't put a foot wrong anywhere.

So many designs to choose from but they have in common: wide ladders, white woodwork and rooms with colourful bed linen, individual reading lights. 

Wish me luck for that sleep over...

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