Over a cuppa with.....Ivy & Piper

Let me introduce you to two wonderful ladies and an online treat.  The talented Elizabeth Raptis and Melanie Parker from Ivy & Piper seem to be able to design anything: interiors, colourful fabrics, homewares, pajama's, an online magazine (this is the treat), is there nothing these two can't do?
Their designs and magazine are super stylish, classic with irrepressible freshness.  This is how I imagine they are in person too - like champagne with a twist of lemon zest, full of life, full of fun.   

Their pages brim with energy, a mix of interiors, fashion, homewares, jewellery and art, all the lovely things that catch their fancy.  And I love the online format, it reads better than other ereaders I use, and its very interactive.  So you like that necklace?  Click - and you are through to where its from, effortless.  Its meant to be an inspiration and it is, and did I mention that its free?

So what's next?  September sees the launch of a new online store featuring one of a kind finds as well as their own designs.  I can't wait to see it, and where do they find the time?  With all this creative whirlwind going on Elizabeth took time out to answer a mini Q&A.  Her answers made me laugh, yes - full of life and full of fun.  Thank you Elizabeth. Enjoy.
Our new website rocks my world. You can shop our beautiful homewares and read our latest magazine for delicious interior inspiration from around the world. We are constantly adding new products and designs to the store, from our in house Ivy & Piper line to vintage one-of-a-kind pieces, so it’s very exciting to see our range grow. 


  1. Great tidbits, love the I+P girls!! thanks and have a great week!! ;-))

    1. Lovely to meet you Sarah. They are very clever ladies. But looks like you have a gorgeous blog too.

  2. PS: I added you to my blogroll!! ;-))


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