Don't you love.....warming up with mulled wine

I wish I was skiing, its cold in Sydney so there must be good snow somewhere.  At least I can still warm up with some mulled wine.  I will wear my apres ski boots round the house to get into the mood.
Ingredients: cloves, one orange, a few cinnamon sticks, sugar to taste, at least 1 bottle of red wine
Recipe: make porcupine with orange & cloves, add porcupine and other ingredients to large pot, bring to simmer slowly, don't boil!
Serve and enjoy.  Mmmmmmm!  Nice and toasty!
Images by me


  1. These photos look like they smell like winter! Oh I long for Spiced Cider & Snugly blankets...especially since it was 94F here today. Not snuggling weather!

    1. And here I am wishing for summer!! But you are right its excellent for snuggling.


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