How to get pictures on the walls when no nails are allowed

When is a shelf not a shelf?  When its a bench.   Low budget, low diy, tres chic.  No nails required.
Prop a piece of wood on stones, old crates, bricks or boxes.  Tadaaa!!!  
Its a gallery, a display space, its extra seating, or a place to put your glass.  Its one way to get your art off the floor when you are renting and can't put a nail in the walls.
Image via Poppytalk
Reminds me of my first  student coffee table, a wooden top balanced on several breeze blocks.  Looked good and cost nothing, excellent.  Until a friend leaned on it, flipped the top up sideways, and broke every mismatched glass we owned.   Sigh...back to paper cups.            Images via Girl Obsessed (top) and Old and Brand New Blog (bottom)
Or you could just buy a bench.  No diy, still low budget, and another good reason to haunt ebay.
Damage free picture hanging products from 3M:
3M promise that the adhesive strips and hook sets will pull easily off the wall, and they do.  Even after five years of renting ours came away easily and left no marks on the paint.    Go crazy, make that space yours!!
You don't even have to own a hammer.  (For Sim & Wendy)

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