Orchids for your interiors

Orchids are in full bloom and are a great alternative to buying fresh flowers 
because the blooms should last for weeks and weeks.
I am not a huge fan of the spindly versions with a single stem, but I do love these 
cymbidiums with their great foliage and multiple flower stems.  (See mine below.)
Bring yours inside too!  Pop a foil roasting tray in basket or container to match your home, place the orchid pot inside and enjoy.
When the flowering season is over put your orchid in a sheltered shaded warm spot and you will be able to do it all over again.
Below are my picks for baskets that would be really lovely.
1,2 & 4 -Ecochic ($50 - $140), 3 - Home Storage and Living ($17), 5,6 &7 all Freedom Furniture ($35 - $100), 8 - Officeworks ($18)
These items were stocked on the date of the post but may no longer be available.

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