Don't you love....when crochet gets an update

I adored my crochet blankey as a bub (see below).  The 70's interpretations of crochet and felting - not so much.  But today I love love the textures and updated colours and patterns!
crochet design modern stool felt pouf
1 - love the colours and chevron from Oh Happy Day, 2 - who knew crochet could be elegant from Purl Bee
3 - covers for IKEA seat via Going Home to Roost, 4 - a rainbow felted pouf via Scientific Culture
5 - more inspiration from Oh Happy Day

Yes that's me, rather grubby photo from the mists of time.  Big sister wants to know if they had the iron age yet when I was young, hmmmf!.

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  1. Thought i was looking at a pic of Jodie!!!!! - Tooooo gorgeous. Must tell you, i also have nostalgic memories of crocheted blankies from way back when.......unfortunetly it was the 70'ties and the blanket was stripes in vareing degrees of brown - cream. Wish i had a picture of the lamp shade my mom crocheted - really was something else.Watch tis space...Crystal chandeliers will be out and crocheted light shades will be in!!! HAve to check with my mom whether she stil has the diningroom tableclothe she made - really was quite beautiful.


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