colour blocking with florals

These simple modern arrangements are all over instagram and are super easy to achieve.  They seem to work best with lots of leaves and fewer flowers, cheaper too.  

For this one I used glossy magnolia leaves with their rusty brown undersides, earthy gumnuts, and pieris for a touch of fresh white.  I love the way pieris drapes.  Orchids or amaranthus would have been equally lovely.

So easy to do.  First arrange the largest leaves in your vase, then keeping the other elements tied in their bunches add them so that they overlap slightly but don't mingle with each other.

This is a first glimpse at our new rental.  We are soooo much happier in this larger and lighter space.  Natural light is everything.

I have taken the opportunity to toss a few things and upgrade a few others.  Loving our new rug under the dining table which seems to make the blush chairs pop.  The whole space is feeling layered and textured.

Went back to look at my trend pick for the year and this room is certainly on track for the year.  As I predicted olive and safari greens are a big thing, blush is still divine, and the scandi look is softening up.  I love green and have always had some in my interiors, but there are so many shades and textures available right now, in soft furnishing and ceramics.  Getting some lovely new velvet cushions for the living room soon.   So much fun playing in a new space now that the upheaval of moving is over.

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