settling into the rental - main bed

Finally getting to share some of our rooms!  You may have seen these on Instagram but I still want to share them on the blog.  Apologies for the dodgy photos, I am still getting my strength back and its iphone pics or nothing at this stage.

First up is the main bedroom.  

This room has lovely morning sun, is long and wide, and has a cold tiled floor (see before pics below).  I knew immediately that I wanted to buy a rug to warm up the cold tile floor, this house is freezing downstairs in winter, and I have been longing for an excuse to get a Moroccan style rug.  I totally love it.  I have read online review complaining that these rugs shed terribly, and admittedly the bedroom is a low traffic area, but we haven't found it to be a problem.  

When we saw the house the bed was set against the far wall which made the room look longer and narrower than it is.  I decided to place the bed against the wall facing the window, makes the proportions work better, and means you see the art above the console as you walk in.  It also meant that I don't have to use the truly hideous high wall lights that I presume are supposed to be bedside lights.  I much prefer using the lamps our our bedside tables as warming light at night, those wall sconces are just cheap and nasty.

You can see below how it was set up, it's ok but those sconces are just to high for bedsides (and ugly to boot) and the room looks elongated and not in a good way.

I repainted the feature wall, which was a cool pale blue to a warm toned grey.  The blue wasn't bad but was quite cold and limits the furnishings you can use in the room.  The grey is a subtle update that makes the space feel modern and cosier.  (Lovely landlord I am happy to paint it back if you want me to).

The console is really to short for the wall, I could make it wider but since we are renting I will probably just live with it.  I really want to update my bedside tables and lamps too, but this will probably wait until we have a place of our own again.
Really it is the art and the carpet that make the space come alive.  It's amazing how having your own things around you makes a space feel like home.

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