on the market ...

We are officially on the house selling roller coaster with all its ups and downs.  We have put so much of ourselves into this house, every little detail has been planned, every space used to its best potential.  I am very proud of the home we have created and I know the next owner will be very happy here.
I love love love these evening shots of our home!  You can just see the pool cabana on the right.
Looking from the kitchen towards the pool, a favourite view.  The kitchen really is the heart of our home with a large pantry on one side and a butlers pantry behind for all the messiness.
Looking from the courtyard through the living space towards the back garden and verandah.  All houses should have courtyards!

My lovely luxe bathroom, going to miss this space and the walk in robe that comes off it even more.
The entrance looking lovely at dusk.

The only picture I really don't like is this one of the living area, the estate agents insisted on shooting it without the rug, and I do have a rug, which I think looks quite unfinished.  And then they photo shopped a hideous screen picture on the tv which was neatly out of eye sight against the wall.  This room is far nicer than pictured, see my pics here and detail WITH RUG below.

What I do really like is the video they shot, link here if you want to watch.

Where are we going next?  I am not sure yet.  We are looking for a house to renovate, I have some ideas brewing in my head but it will depend on what we find.  

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