meaningful, beautiful & useful

I have been tidying up the blog a bit, and I watched this interview I did when we had just moved into our newly built house 4 years ago.

I was really struck by one comment, that where possible everything you own should be meaningful, beautiful & useful.  I think those three words still say it all.  There are things we need, and things we want, and lots of things we have, but they should all be viewed through the lens of meaningful, beautiful and useful.  As we prepare to move on from this home (sad sad face), I will be trying to take with me only those things that meet those criteria.  Meaningful, beautiful & useful.

I still agree with everything I said in this video, but that hair, hmmm not so much.  Just shows that although styles evolve, and our needs from a home change, the basics of what a home should be stay the same.
Ultimately, home is where my family is, and creating a restful haven for us all is my goal.

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