the innocent bystander series...neill williams

I spotted the piece below on a wall of decorative objects in a decor store in Prahran recently.  I do have a very soft spot for cows, my dear granny had a Jersey cow dairy on her farm and I grew up with these beautiful gentle animals.  But then I discovered that the artist, Neill Williams, is based on the Mornington Pensinsula where we have a property, and next that the one I love is called "Main Ridge" which is our suburb!  Synchronicity at work!!!  

Main Ridge
The series is called "The Innocent Bystander" and is about the cows watching humans.  I like the concept that cows might be watching us and wondering what on earth we are all up to, even though knowing cows I imagine they are more likely just thinking of their next mouth full of grass.   I love that they are country pieces without being a traditional landscape, and their peaceful melancholy.




All in all for $590 framed I think you have a real nugget of original beauty for your home or office.  

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