Invest in a butlers pantry

A butler's pantry is an opportunity to get your build dollars working hard for you. Why?  Let me convince you.
Kitchens are the heart of modern homes.  They are where we entertain, where we spend time with family daily.  We want them to be functional and look beautiful too. 

A butler's pantry is a secondary kitchen space: 
  • for washing up
  • a work space for appliances that you don't want on display like the coffee machine, juicer and food processor 
  • for additional storage
They allow you to keep the mess and prep of cooking largely out of site, and they allow you to keep your appliances out, ready to use, without cluttering up the primary kitchen visually. 

Creates more storage, keeps your home looking beautiful, makes daily cooking and entertaining easier; this is why butlers pantries are fast becoming an essential part of any luxe home design.  

So why is a butlers pantry a good investment?  
You don't need an enormous butler's pantry to really add to the functionality and wow factor of your home.  
  • A relatively modest investment in space and budget will impress prospective buyers one day.  Yes a big space would be better, but even a small functional space is good.
  • It is becoming a must have item for buyers of modern luxe homes.
  • The cabinetry is out of site and doesn't have to be super expensive.  Save your dollars for the primary kitchen and fill the butlers pantry with good quality but standard fittings.
  • Storage is a primary concern for buyers, any investment in storage will be repaid when you sell.
  • You are going to love living with it now, and reap the financial reward of the investment when you sell.
Planning the space
While it doesn't have to be enormous, I recommend making the space as generous as possible.  
  • Plan lots of bench space next to a double sink, and plenty of storage for platters, decorative objects, and table linen.  
  • I would recommend a mix of closed and open storage.  Open storage for items used often, and closed for glassware and less frequently used items that you don't want to get dusty. 
  • Make sure the shelves are deep enough to hold platters and large appliances.
  • Include above counter plug points so that appliances can be plugged in easily.
  • Try and ensure that any portion of the space that is visible from the primary kitchen ties in with the kitchen design, and can be styled to look good.
  • There are some excellent designs out there for making use of both small and awkward spaces.  Start a pinterest board to keep track of all those good ideas.

Now for the eye candy.  I have scoured the web and pored over plans to try and show you the best of the best layouts out there.  Essentially the pantry space extends off the kitchen, either into an expanded walk in cupboard space, or into a separate room.  It all depends on the space in your home but these are some of my favourites.

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