best products for a summer of diy

If you are planning to diy this summer make your life easier with my fave diy products.  Put them on your Christmas list, or treat yourself and invest in the time savings these products will deliver.  You are going to thank me.

Dulux Rapid Finish - "why brush if you can spray"
Best tool ever for painting outdoor walls and fences.   At Currawong Cottage we painted the entire cottage, one side took one day with a roller and brush, the other THREE sides took half a day.  Yes it takes time to tape everything up really well, but it always does, and once the taping is done the painting is super fast.  Super fast!  See all the details here.  Would replace this in a heart beat.

Worx High Pressure Cleaner
Who knew cleaning could be so satisfying.  Our outdoors has never been so clean because seriously I can't wait to get this piece of kit out.  No more bird poo graffiti on the walls or cars, no more moss, no more dirty or mossy tiles.  It is easy to use, light to carry around, another must have tool for your shed.

Ryobi Nail Gun
I love this tool but seriously Mr B loves it even more.  We have hired loads over the years and this one is a goodie, light to use and a long charge on the battery.  I used it to make frames, Mr B used it to reclad the Currawong Cottage entrance area with weatherboard.  Putting up a fence, attaching new skirting boards, building a veggie patch - all to easy with the Airstrike.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paints (TM)
You know that furniture you have been putting of restoring?  This summer you are going to get it done!!  No priming, no sanding, quick drying, great colours.  Paris Grey and Old White are my fave so far.  Make sure you finish with the clear wax for a really professional finish.
See my ebay bargain makeover (detail of the handle below), the dipped basket diy, and this vase makeover below.  The vase was a great shape but a really loud red bamboo finish which needed an update.  A few coats of Paris Grey later and up cycling success achieved!
It really is that easy, I promise, just try it!

Are you getting excited yet?  Give them a try, then tell us all about it, we want to share the fun.

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