No more knots... with the Nylex never kink garden hose

A few weeks ago I opened a surprise parcel and discovered this pretty blue Never Kink Hose by Nylex.  Thanks guys for this unexpected treat, especially at the beginning of another hot summer.  

Now I have always wanted a hose like this but I have never been sure whether it would be worth the extra cost.  So today I am reviewing the Nylex Never Kink Hose for you, read on and you will see why I think its worth the extra investment.
Here is the test.  I am sure you have this experience, you are watering your garden, or washing your car, you give the hose a tug and the water flow slows to a trickle, another tug and the water stops completely.  Non PG curses!  You follow the hosepipe back, find the kink, spend five minutes trying to force the kink out, go back to watering, and the water slows to a trickle again.  Cue non PG curses. 

Nylex Never Kink Hose promises this won't happen so I devised a test, a task I know my ordinary hose can't pass without kinking multiple times.  

I was going to wash the car.  This means connecting the hose in the courtyard, dragging it around the corner and bins, through a gate, around another corner to the car.  Two corners, gate posts and three wheelybins, that was the test.

I connected the hose, using the very pretty brass swivel tap connectors that were supplied (so on trend right now Nylex, I love them), dropped the hose on the ground and walked towards the car, just pulling the hose behind me.

This was the test, no careful placement of the hose, I just pulled it around the corner and past the bins.  And then I washed the car, pulling the hose right around it, flicking it over the roof, and guess what, not one single kink.  

I finished washing and again just dragged the hose back to the courtyard where I tidied it into a loose coil.  Again not a single kink, not a hassle, not a non PG word said.

Its a winner, and yes I think its worth the extra investment.

The Nylex Never Kink Hose was supplied for me to test, but all opinions are, as always, my own.  A final word, I use tank water to water my garden and wash my car, water is a precious and scarce resouce and should always be used responsibly.

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