how entertaining dinner table styling

Summer is coming and the evenings are warmer and lighter. We are planning to do more entertaining this summer.  last year I got so excited about making the table perfect I lost the joy of just having people over.  So this year the table will be simpler, but the food will be as delicious as always.  Planning a few updates to make the table pretty effortlessly.

1 - Love my Mud Australia porcelain bowls, I have a huge grey one and small cream one but would love one in slate.  Food just looks so amazing on the dark colour.  I bought one as a gift for a friend and now I really want one for myself too.
2 - The new Sittning range from Ikea has such pretty glasses in pink, amber and smoke colours.  I think they will look really fab on my outdoor table and at just $10 for two its an update I can afford.
3 - I love these simple place markers, and yes I know its supposed to be simple but these would not to much trouble.  Especially when I get my hands on the new Fiskars tag maker, then it will be really easy.
4 - These gold serving set from West Elm is just lovely!  A little bit glam but not to much, and see how well they go with those pretty glasses.  And at $49 another reasonably priced update.
5 - Flowers are going to be very simple, more succulents, more eucalyptus arrangements like this one I did for Christmas last year.
6 - more Sittining collection, these tumblers look fab too

So now to plan dinner...

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