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This is the biggest transformation for the smallest cash investment in the whole cottage.  Currawong Cottage came to us with a vintage kitchen, and while I love the soft yellow cupboards and the Aga, these hideous tiles needed to go.  Not only was the colour really ugly but you can see there was a strip of tiles missing.  The solution - tile paint, see below for the amazing transformation.

Replacing the missing tiles:
Fixing the tiles was a surprisingly simple and very quick task.  The tiles go up the chimney a bit so I levered a few off with my Worx Sonicrafter (you can see them on the counter above) and chipped off all the old grout carefully.  Then I simply stuck them into the missing gap with some Weldbond, and when the glue was dry filled in the gaps with Gap Filler.  You cannot tell where they were missing and it took me about half an hour tops to do.

Getting the tiles off was super easy with the Worx Sonicrafter.  You could use a screwdriver but the Sonicrafter made it a super easy process.

Tile paint in three steps:

1 - Clean tiles thoroughly, all oiliness needs to be washed away so the paint will adhere properly
2 - Paint with primer
3 - Paint with tile paint once primer is dry

To easy!

I did one coat of primer and two of tile paint and the entire job took me around three hours all in, with drying time in between coats.  I was worried that the tiles would look painted and poorly finished, but the end result is good, crisp and clean.  It isn't quite as good as new tiles or back splash, but for around $50 it is a fab transformation.  Highly recommend this if you hate your tiles but don't have the budget for a redo.

Seriously - how amazing is this transformation of the before and after.

You may have noticed there is a new bench top too.  Another really inexpensive and easy to achieve transformation!   I will be sharing how we did here soon.

See how lovely Currawong Cottage looks after all our diy work, and book your own stay to see it for yourself and explore the lovely Mornington Peninsula.

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