Lemon slice ice balls...with the original whiskey ball

I just love these giant round ice moulds from The Original Whiskey Ball, and they aren't just for whiskey lovers.  They are just gorgeous in your favourite non-alcoholic cocktail too.  Today I am sharing how I made these pretty lemon slice ice balls, just perfect for late summer drinks.

How to make your own lemon slice ice balls
  • Start by slicing two round lemon slices.
  • Using a sharp knife make a single cut to the center of each lemon slice.
  • Create a sphere shape by sliding the lemon slices together along the slice marks.  Easier to see in the pics below than to explain.
  • Place lemon sphere into the whiskey ball mould.
  • Close mould and fill with water to slightly below the mark on the side.
  • Pop in the freezer overnight.
  • Once the ice is frozen the silicon mould is soft and easy to remove.

They came out sooooo pretty!  I love the lemon stripes down the side of the ball, and they scented the lemon lime bitters I had made perfectly.  I shot these images on a day when it was 37 degrees in Sydney and these cool lemon scented drinks went down a treat!

Let me know your favourite ice combinations and enjoy!!  

The Original Whiskey Ball supplied a mould for me to test, but all opinions are as always my own.  All images by Eva Burgess of Build House Home

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