cottage renovation...main bedroom

This funny dirty room with to many doors has become a serene retreat for afternoon snoozes and lazy mornings.  That is if we ever have an afternoon without diy in it!  This is one of the before and after projects I love most, the room was just so dirty and ugly before.  My wonderful hubby closed an extra door that opening into the living room and put lining board panelling across the wall behind the bed.  Neatly taking care of all plastering problems and creating a subtle feature.  Scroll down to see just how impressive this change was.

Dirty paint, cracked cornices, peeling ceiling, ugly curtains and pelmets, this room was full of ugly.

Closing up the extra door gave us a larger space to put the bed against and the panelling created a subtle textural feature.  Good looking and time saving, you got to love that!

I love the soft grey wall with the crisp white of the rest of the room.  It took coats and coats of paint to stop the yellow of the wood trim coming through.

It doesn't even look like the same room!  It looks twice the size we started with!  The colour scheme centres around the gorgeous knitted bed cover that was given to me by a friend.  I found patterned grey and white sheets that feel a bit Ralph Lauren, and added just a little bit of yellow in the cushions and lights.

The bedside tables were repurposed from home and given a fresh white finish.

My amazing hubby made these wonderful wall sconces, I love how the yellow cable pops off the grey wall and the old style globes create a lovely soft light at night.  You may have noticed that only one light is up in these photos.  The other one made it up a few months later but I haven't been back to see them yet.  I will post an update next time I visit.

The final touch was adding the linen look curtains, again in a pale grey.  I found this fabulous poly linen mix at Bargain Fabrics.  It looks like linen but won't be affected by the sun and won't stretch or shrink.  Making them was a labour of love and took several days of sweating at the sewing machine.  I'll tell you all about it in another post. 

Just a final reminder of what it looked like before...and after.  Hooray!

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