plans for the new year

I can't stop thinking about this amazing video of Kara Rosenlund putting together vignettes.  Doing her vignette styling course is high on my wishlist for this year.  Even if you can't get to one its worth watching Kara's blog to be inspired by her amazing photography, below is just a taster of how good she is.

Her own home is a huge inspiration to me as we continue to tackle the renovation of our little cottage.
Next time we visit there is lots to do: 

  • finish painting the living room and kitchen (a big job given how dilapidated the house is and how much prep these rooms still need).
  • make cushions for the new dining bench seat
  • make coat rack
  • hang and hem curtains in the bedroom and living room (a monster undertaking that I will share with you soon)
  • paint some abstract art for the mantle (and try style it like I am Kara Rosenlund)
  • decide whether to retile or paint the kitchen backsplash, I am a little afraid of taking the tiles off
  • fix the outdoor laundry, starting with fixing the leaky roof it will need a new ceiling, and new cement floor and an enormous clean
  • paint the exterior black and add white trim to the windows
  • covert an old apple crate (found in the shed) to a herb garden
  • finish the bedside lamps, think exposed bulbs and yellow cord
  • make a copper pipe wall mounted lamp for the living room
I need a break just thinking about it.  I am looking forward to being at the other end of the to do list and sharing the finished product with you all. 

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