The Urban Beehive...honey from the city

We bought some of this delicious honey last weekend at a local farmers market, it's delicious, an even better story, and an important one too.
The world's bee population is in trouble, in many regions of Europe and America totally wiped out, and we have a serious pollination crisis looming.  Farmers can't produce crops if there are no bees to pollinate the plants.  And bees, sadly are struggling to survive globally.  Australia's bees haven't been affected, yet.  

Vicky Brown and Doug Purdie started their business, to protect and encourage bee populations in the urban environment.   Hives are populated by feral swarms, where possible, to protect the wild bee genetic lines, lines that may be resistant to the diseases that have ravaged populations in other countries.  Important work. 

The Urban Beehive has hives all over the city, on roofs, in parks and private backyards.  I am very tempted to sponsor some hives in our own garden.  Hives are installed and maintained by The Urban Beehive, and you share in in the honey harvest...sweet.

The honey is made by region, like CBD honey, eastern suburbs honey.  I like that different city areas have a different tastes.  My personal favourite is the creamed honey, very delicious, you can see our jar is already nearly empty.  
Honey can also be bought in 60g plastic tubes, I love the idea of giving a flight of Sydney honey as a gift.

We are all trying to live and eat more responsibly, and this is a product that makes you feel good and tastes delicious.  Stop by The Urban Beehive website to read more about their story, find out about the bee keeping courses, or hosting hives in your own garden.

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