diy outdoor lantern for you next picnic or garden party

Make these gorgeous and easy lanterns for your next beach picnic or garden party.   I used them for a beach picnic here.  Light enough to carry several to the beach and back, windproof, inexpensive and easy to make, and so pretty!  You are going to love this diy!  Picnic into the evening and make the good times last even longer!

Make your own Beach Lanterns in 4 easy steps:
You will need: empty 2 litre soda bottles, scissors, bamboo pole, duct tape, tassels to decorate
  • Cut the bottom of the bottle off neatly
  • Place bamboo pole inside the neck of the bottle
  • Tape bottle to bamboo pole neatly.  You will need a few layers to get a firm finish.  Do the final layer as neatly as possible and trim with scissors.
  • Tie two tassels to the base of the bottle neck to finish.
Use your beach lanterns safely:
  • Stand lanterns by pushing the poles into the sand and patting down the base securely so they don't fall over.
  • Fill the base of the bottle with a cup full of sand, and press candle into the sand so that it stands upright firmly and the flame won't touch the sides.
  • The sand will catch melted wax and support the candle, we don't want lanterns melting or catching alight mid party!  
  • If you are in a no fire area replace candles with battery tea light candles for a similar and fire safe effect.

Enjoy!!!  I would love to see how yours turned out, take a pic and share them with me on Instagram at #beachlantern

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