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Both of these novels deal with hard subjects, but leave your heart uplifted.   Both were actually written for the teen to young adult market but have transcended all boundaries.  I love them both.

{The Fault in our Stars - John Green}
The story of teenagers living with terminal cancer, I know it sounds terribly heavy but trust me, it will make you laugh and make you cry and you will end up loving it.

{The Book Thief - Markus Zusak}
Miss E is reading this at the moment, I was worried that the setting of World War II Germany with all its darkness would be to much for her at 11.  But the beauty of this book is that it shows the light that remains in simple humanity and kindness even in the most terrible of times.  I loved this book.

{See Inside Your Body - Usborne Books}
Miss J is obsessed with what is happening under our skins.  Where does the food go, what is in your skull, where do all the bits fit, and 20 million other questions.  Luckily this book seems to have all the answers and has fun flaps to turn over too.  For all the questioning mini minds out there.

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