the garden two years on

So satisfying looking back at the garden and how it has grown.  Below is the garden in late January, but scroll down to see how it looked without a blade of grass exactly two years ago.  
Our trees have grown feet in height and width, and the hedges are about 8 feet high and filling out nicely.  Instead of seeing the neighbours we now have a gorgeous green screen.
Two years, 1 month ago - the lawn being carried into a dust bowl.
Exactly two years ago - trees and hedges just planted, the hedges are only about a foot and half high and the trees are far smaller.

Feeding the plants and keeping them well mulched has made a huge difference, we have been rewarded with massive growth.  It is almost impossible to remember that the garden is really just two years old.  I do love that we have made such a positive and hopefully lasting impact on the site.

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