top read, tween and kick off the year

After the bustle of the festive season its fab to have the time to get stuck into a book.  Here are our favourite family reads just in time for the long weekend.

{Cockroaches - Harry Hole}
I am a huge fan of the Harry Hole series.  They reminds me of the Inspector Rebus series in many ways but have their own special character.  Note - they are worth reading in order as the later books refer back to events in earlier cases which can be a bit of a spoiler. 
This an early case, written before the start of the series.  I have enjoyed them all!

{The Mark of Athena - Rick Riordan}
The latest in the second Percy Jackson series.  Miss E has loved every one so far.  As usual the stories and characters career off at a cracking pace with a cliff hanger at the end, leaving you champing at the bit for the next book to come out.

{Little Piggy's Got No Moves}
A favourite of mine and Miss J's right now.  Everybody seems to have moves except Little Piggy, but of course he can really dance too.  Makes us giggle every time I read it.

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