Simple, fast & pretty christmas wrapping

Wrap your gifts with button and butchers twine this Christmas.  Simple, fast and pretty - perfect! 

You will need: oversize buttons (Lincraft), butchers twine (Koch), white paper.  
Choose any colours you like, I chose pink and red buttons and twine and then mixed up the combinations a bit.

How to wrap your own gifts:
  1. Cut a length of twine, thread through button and wrap around the present (below left)
  2. Cross twine at back so that it wraps up instead of down 
  3. Thread through button again (below right)
  4. Secure under button or at back of parcel.

Am thinking gold stamped white paper would have been pretty too.
This lot are being posted overseas but Miss E has made me promise that I will wrap our gifts the same way too.

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