An email from Inside Out Magazine

Its not every day I get an email from my favourite magazine asking to share some of my home with their readers.  But that is just what happened in the run up to the Blogster Awards a few weeks ago.  An email from Inside Out popped into my inbox and there was a request to share something from my home with their readers.  Huge excitement!  Ofcourse it all had to happen on one rushed afternoon when the light was right, but these are the moments I decided to share from my home.
 A moment in the living room.  I have put this chair on its own with the bamileke table, a comfy spot to read but still be close when Mr B is cooking in the kitchen.   My Quick Flowers have gone a lovely dusty pink and look lovely inside at the moment.

Morning light in our bathroom, yes I know you have seen it before but I love this room.  Onbe day I will manage to take photos of the walk in robe to show you too, lighting is an issue!

Thanks to the team at Inside Out - you made my day.


  1. PamelaJBates/Mercantile MuseNovember 13, 2013 at 2:36 PM

    Hi Eva, stopping by via BYW. your blog is wonderful! adding to bloglovin'. what a wonderful thing to be invited to share your home in your favorite mag! how exciting. I could get quite comfortable in that chair.

  2. Thankyou Pamela. How lovely to being meeting other bloggers through byw. Will stop by yours soon!


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