an elegant home...what is elegance and how do you get it

What is elegance?  The first thing that popped into my head was Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy Onassis, I wonder what just popped into yours?    
How do you get elegance?  It is such a personal vision there can't be an exact guide, in fact I think that's the point, it is a unique quality so it needs to be personal to you.

But like Audrey and Jackie there is a certain similarity.  They were certainly unique but there is a similar feel to their looks, bold but simple, striking but always sophisticated.
Essential qualities don't you think?   Today I am sharing my tips for elegance (as I see it) with you, and some lovely quotes from fabulously elegant icons, but please let me know what you think elegance is too.

Elegance is the art of effortless style - it appears effortless even if it isn't.
Elegance is edited but not minimal, it is just the right thing in just right place.  
Elegance is not fussy or cluttered, it is carefully edited collections, and items chosen for beauty and functionality.
Elegance is not over designed, it is a personal statement that doesn't come from a catalogue.
Elegance may be faux, but it is never fake.
Elegance is quality over quantity.
Elegance is a bold statement done in a simple way.
Elegance is understated and not overbearing, it a large statement done with simplicity.
Elegance may look expensive but it doesn't always come with a large price tag, it is the hint of luxury without trying to hard.
Elegance cannot be copied, it is unique.
1 - Buy quality over quantity, less really is more.  
2 - Edit rooms carefully but don't lose your personality, elegance cannot be copied so your rooms must be unique to you.  Fill them with objects, fabrics and furniture you love.
3 - Say goodbye to clutter.  Absolutely show off your collections, your photographs, your favourite things but edit carefully.  Make sure collections have room to breathe and are displayed in a space, not crammed onto a shelf.
4 - Be bold in your decisions - Choose that dark wall paint you always wanted, blow up those photo's extra large, create a gallery wall with photo's and paintings, go for that crazy wall paper.
5 - Don't try to hard, don't be over designed, remember elegance should look effortless.

Remember, be memorable not fashionable

This post was written in partnership with Nick Scali - where buying furniture is an investment in your life and style, and quality is the right price.  But as usual all opinions and content are entirely my own.

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