sunshine goodness at half time

As I opened the crate of Australian oranges on my front door step this morning, saw the lovely orange globes and caught the sweet zing of citrus, memories from my school sports days rushed in.  The smell of dusty fields on athletics days, the click of ball on wood on the hockey pitch, the rubbery smell of the netball courts, and sweet sweet orange juice soothing our dry throats at half time.  

Our half time oranges had a sprinkle of salt on them, does anybody else remember salted oranges?  My family thinks that is just crazy talk, but its similar to the salt and sweet flavour in energy drinks and rehydrates, and they love those.  

How could I have forgotten they are such a perfect half time snack, a natural sweet thirst quencher, stuffed with a vitamins, and easy to prepare, pack and eat.  Plus it will boost our immunity now that winters flu's and colds are upon us.  They even pass the fussy parent diet test: gluten free, no peanuts, and no processed sugars.  A super snack solution!

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  1. I've just cut up oranges for Andrew's soccer game and I can't agree with you more!


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