Playroom storage solution...could this be the final design?

The playroom is a mess and it drives me crazy!  It probably drives you spare too!!  We just don't have enough storage and at the end of the day toys are crammed into boxes and the single cupboard and the room just can't be properly tidied.  Playroom storage was on my new years to do list and I haven't managed to resolve it yet.  But I may be a step closer, I think I have the final, revised, redesigned, could it really be the final, design at last.
I would love it to look something like the picture below, but really this is not a design for a family with children and all the toys and craft supplies that come with them.  

I like this one too, the TV looks almost decorative but those open shelves would just be too untidy with toys and its a little traditional for our house.
I like the clean and slightly asymmetric lines of this modern version, and the TV is behind doors which is a bonus, but there are books and special objects on display.

I still love this playroom on Weekday Carnival, one of the best Ikea hacks ever (below).  Hard to believe its Ikea kitchen cabinets put together in a giant puzzle. 

And this library style Ikea hack (below) on Apartment Therapy is another favourite.   They are all very simple, very white, and very uncluttered.
So this is what I have come up with at last.  Cupboards will be clean white with no trim or detailing. There is space for books to be on display, a counter top and wall space on the left where we can display art or family photos, and a whole lot of storage, a lot of it out of the reach of Miss J's sticky little fingers.
What do you think?  Could this be the final one?

| Source unknown  |  via Coastal Living  | via Arch Daily  |  Weekday Carnival  |  Apartment Therapy |  drawings by Eva of Build House Home|


  1. I love your design Eva - I think it would look great! And I particularly like the inspiration picture of the different sized IKEA cabinets fitted together. Genius.

    1. Lets hope we can build it! I love that design of Ikea cabinets too, there are such creative people out there!!


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