natural light and a glimpse of my home

Two of the design features I like most in my own home are the internal courtyard and the generous gallery entrance.  These were elements we knew we wanted and our architects Saville Isaacs incorporated them into the space better than I could have imagined.  The whole area is flooded with natural light all day long, and the courtyard is a cool retreat from summer's heat.
The house was very tidy when these photos were taken (by the lovely Maite Robin for Prebuilt), and I have to say I felt it looked a little empty.  There is still so much detail and texture I want to add.  Like grass cloth wall paper for the wall behind the dining room table, and cabinetry for the wall behind the couch - both on my dream list for right now.
Do you remember the West Elm chandelier that was on my dream list last year?  I couldn't resist it in the end, and I love it above the dining table.  

The oak floors are my favourite finish, neither too rustic nor too polished, they make every thing else sing.
The light filled gallery, our paintings are on an east facing wall, out of the worst of the sun.  Most of the art you can see is my mom's, lucky me to have such a talented artist in the family.

You can just see the kitchen counter peeking out above left, but I will save those photos for another day.

Thank you to Prebuilt (our builders) and Maite Robin for these lovely light filled images (top & bottom two).


  1. Ooh la la, Eva!! Can I come visit?! What a gorgeous place to call home. That courtyard and all the natural light is to die for!

    1. You and your family are more than welcome!! It was a hard slog but I do love the finished result. Your new home looks pretty amazing too. Looking forward to seeing inside!!


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