a little auction luck...

The trick to auctions is patience, and a little luck ofcourse, but mostly patience.  I have been waiting for a year for the right verandah table to pop up and finally it did.  I ended up paying a little more than I planned but it is solid oak and a perfect fit, and I love the greyed off colour of the wood.  It looks all kinds of gorgeous against the black shadowclad walls.

I bought the seagrass basket as a gift for a friend but I couldn't resist having it on the table for an afternoon.  These lovely baskets are from Pond, I may have to pop back and get one for just me.

All images by Eva of Build House Home
I love auctions, something I inherited from my grandfather apparently, and I love a bargain.  I am still bemoaning the ice glass chandelier that got away last year, but this time luck was in my corner.  Now all we need is for the right benches to come up too.  

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