where Miss J and I work

This is where I post from.  Usually Miss J is seated next to me in her little lavender chair busily drawing with her crayons.  A pad of office paper covers her entire table so she can draw anywhere she likes but I have to keep an eye on her because she does like to draw on the floor.
A gallery of far flung family and friends watches over us.  
When Miss E is home in the afternoons she can sit at the twin desk to mine, on the other side of Miss J.  Three busy B's in a row.

This side of the room is mostly tidy, if things are not put away in the draws they get moved by Miss J.  But don't be fooled, the other side of the room where the toys are is not as serene.  More storage is on my to do list!!  But for now I can turn away from the maelstrom and dream organised blog dreams.
Realised that everything white is from Ikea, all the desks and the frames.  I am hoping they have the solution to my toy storage too.

All photos by Eva of BuildHouseHome
Have a lovely weekend everybody.


  1. What a lovely work area, I love miss Js work desk:) have a great weekend!

  2. Gorgeous gallery wall Eva! I bet it is so nice to glance up at all those family photos while you're working. Also, love Miss J's work desk. Need to build in something like that for Stella and Hazel once I have a real workspace (i.e., not the kitchen table!)


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