Little letters of gratitude

Little letters of gratitude:
Dear sun: thank you for coming out today, we all enjoyed going to the zoo.
Dear Voice of Reason: thank you for being my valentine every day
Dear Miss E: thank you for brightening the world
Dear Miss J: for cuddles and kisses
Dear friends: thank you for putting up with my obsession with blogging and pinning
Dear body: thank you for being strong, I promise to get you fit soon
Dear imagination: thank you for always coming up with the next idea, life would be boring without you
Dear readers: thank you for your lovely comments, they keep me going more than you know

My friend Robyn at Every Bit Counts lost a friend unexpectedly last week.  He was young and fit and loved and is now gone too soon.  It got me thinking of the little things I am grateful for.  Sometimes they get lost in the hustle and bustle of getting things done.

I think I should make this a monthly ritual.
Feel free to add what you are grateful for too.
This lovely idea is from the Freckled Fox.  


  1. Thank you Eva and what a lovely idea to stop and remember what we are grateful for. I have so much to be thankful for, but today will specially mention the quiet time I had reading with Sportsgirl while her dad and brother went fishing. have a lovely day!

  2. I'm grateful that our house was spared the destruction of the tornado which ripped through our street last night. It was carnage. The sound as it tore past at 1am was like nothing I've ever heard.

    1. So pleased its all ok!! I read there was a lot of damage, must have been so frightening!!

  3. Wonderful post! I'm thankful I eventually got home from a weekend in the Hunter Valley after having to backtrack twice due to flooded roads. What an adventure!! And the joy of watching Mack's excitement as he sniffed and widdled his way through his walk tonight - he's a Zen master on living in the present - a lesson I'm trying to learn.

    1. Glad you are back safe and dry! Thats what I need to practice, living in the present. I am not very good at it!


I love all your comments so let me know what you are thinking if you have a moment.