Fresh and minty for the home

Its been a busy week, perhaps that's why I am drawn to these soothing minty greens.  Its been a big planning week with not much to show for it, sometimes that's how it goes.  Hopefully all the work will pay off in the next few weeks and I will be able to share it with you here.
I am looking forward to the weekend, catching up on some sleep, and doing some gardening which is always rejuvenating. 
Great vintage playroom storage via Blood & Champagne.  Playroom storage is much on my mind since I don't have enough of it.  The cutest foxey print, sorry its from Pinterest with no details, would love to know more about it if anybody has any info.

Dining room table vignette via Milo & Mitzy (fave new blog by the way).  I love the way the vases and candle are standing in the over sized tray.  Vintage locker cabinets in the bedroom via The Design Files.
Another fresh playroom via Pinterest, frustratingly no details again.  Love the idea of vintage styled suitcases and a hot pink electric guitar.  Miss E has an electric guitar but its definitely not pink.
Fresh turquoise chairs in this dining room (via The Style Files) need the energy of the crimson flower.  Just like the red and pink sets of the turquoise in these gorgeous bowls via Decor8.

Deep breath in....release...much better.
Enjoy your weekend.



  1. I hope you manage to catch up over the weekend:) I love mint green, one of my favourite colours!

  2. I love these colours, and now I want to paint all my furniture mint green! :-)


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