be my valentine...

I am not a huge fan of Valentine's Day, I like to think that I celebrate loving all members of my family every day and not at the whim of Hallmark.  

But I don't want to be Grinch-like about it so I decided to test these cute valentine sandwiches for the girls lunchboxes.

Very simple to do: 

- cut crusts off 4 pieces of bread and cut center out of 2 pieces with a heart shaped cookie cutter
- butter the large pieces and sprinkle hundreds and thousands onto bread
- complete sandwich with heart piece so colour peeks through
- make mini heart sandwiches with the heart shapes, butter edges and roll in hundreds and thousands

From the trail of sugar crumbs across the veranda and into the garden, and the general stickiness of Miss J's hands I would say they are a success.  One is a sweet surprise hiding in Miss E's lunch box.

I will celebrate having people to love every day, but I guess a little extra sweetness of the 14th Feb can't hurt.

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