Kitchen secrets...a future family treasure

I have been experimenting with Blurb the last few days, and really enjoying myself! 
We love cooking and you know how it goes, some recipes quickly become family favourites, sometimes an experiment turns out so well it needs to be written down, and sometimes you discover a new recipe you don't want to forget.  But however many times we make them, even the most favourite favourites sometimes get forgotten as the seasons change and the year passes.  

I decided to make a kitchen notebook to record our current favourites.  Like yellow zucchini, chickpea and watercress salad, mango ice cream, simple lentils, and roast pork belly with pomegranate seeds, mmmm mmm.  But I am leaving spaces for new discoveries and inventions.  
Scattered through the pages are my favourite family photos from the past year.  
Below is the pork belly recipe, which was featured in Snowed In Magazine last year.

I like the idea of making two, giving one to my sister-in-law who also loves to cook, and then swapping our notebooks in 2 years time.  A cute way to recipe swap.

This little munchkin is me, with my uncle's horse Gonzales.  I added some old pictures for fun, the girls think its very funny to see us small.  On the right is the note design I chose.

I am a first time Blurb user and I am impressed.  The templates are well designed, there are lots of options for text, note pages, picture or combination layouts.  Its easy to import photos and lay them out.  And I really like being able to format the page layout to my exact specifications, and save that layout so I can use it again.  It cost me approximately $50 a copy, not super cheap, but for a personalised extra special family treasure of the future its worth it.

Thanks Blurb for the opportunity, Blurb generously gave delegates to Alt Summit SLC a voucher to give their system a test drive.  I can't wait to start using it.

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